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Having a perfect control over your body and mind and consequentially over all kinds of waves you are riding is the underlying basic idea of surfing. The adrenalin rush is always present out there in the ocean, but once you master the skill enough to be on the top of the waves (in every sense of that phrase), there comes that blissful feeling of absolute freedom, power, excitement, and harmony with the ocean at the same time. Achieving this effortless balance at the waves and a perfect merging with the ocean is the major goal of every surfer. At the same time, every experienced surfer is usually proud of the balance, flexibility and the control they have over their body and postures. When you place them on a yoga mat and ask to close their eyes and hold the steady balance for few minutes it is the point when they ask – Where’s the catch with yoga and how can it help me boost my surfing?

Elements of surfing found in yoga

The most important aspect of surfing you can improve in yoga classes is a balance. However steady you think you are out there on the surfing board, improving your balance with yoga poses and postures will reveal unexpected flexibility in more poses on the waves. Paddling requires the flexibility of the neck and spine, as well as strength in the shoulders. All of these can be improved with several common yoga exercises. A Strong center of your body and various poses designed to strengthen your body core will improve you popping up on the board. It will become more quick, easy and you’ll be able to do it in more difficult positions. Finally, all highly meditating yoga poses will help you concentrate, improve the control and visualize waves and a beach while coordinating body moves.

Down dog position

This common pose will help you stretch, empower your upper body and balance. Starting position is on hands and knees with lifted hips and lifted one leg at the time simultaneously lifting opposite arm. Keep the position synchronized with breathing for few minutes.

Plank position

Strong abdomen and back muscles are essential for pop-ups and balance on the board, so use forearm plank pose to improve it.

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