Five tips for surfing beginners

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Once you master surfing skills enough to do it effortlessly and enjoy it with a relaxed mind, it will become one of the greatest adventures and ways to have fun you have ever experienced. All the risks, challenges and worrying will step aside for a great adrenalin rush, the thrill of the convenient waves and feeling of an absolute freedom once you catch the rhythm. Until then, you got a whole lot of practicing to do, but don’t let that one stop you. Here are just a few useful pieces of advice for all surfing beginners out there to provide you a comfortable entrance to the surfing world.

Safety above all

Considering all the risks and the inevitable dose of a danger surfing includes by default, this might sound awkward, but it’s not. There is some minimum safety measure you have to acquire before you challenge the waves. First of all, protect yourself from sunburns. If you’re planning to practice a lot, you’ll spend a great deal of time with half of your body exposed to the sun. Use powerful sun protection. Furthermore, keep your body in regular shape. If it happens to you to lose your surfing board relatively away from a beach, you have to be in top form enough to swim several miles back.

Pacific Islander surfer carrying surfboard on rocky beach

Go by the book

At least until you master the skill enough, learn the rules and stick to them. Don’t improvise. Let experienced experts teach you. There are many surfing schools and courses where you’ll get a chance to learn from experienced coaches and follow the matter step by step in an adequate order. Self-confidence is highly desired, but rushing and being bold will only get you into trouble. If you truly want to improve your skills by working it on your own, use various video guides or available books and courses.

Sand surfing isn’t stupid idea

Sand surfing is a safe and rather useful way to practice your posture, basic moves and pop-up on the board. Place your board somewhere out of the crowd and forget about people around you. Practice keeping your hips and feet parallel with the board, to keep your strong foot ahead, shoulder slightly bent forward and to get into this position right after popping up on the board.

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