Can children do yoga?

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Although yoga is usually considered to be an activity for stressed adults striving to pacify their inner world in the middle of their chaotic everyday routine. However, yoga can be rather useful for children as well, especially for school kids who spend a lot of time bent over the books. Bringing mental, physical and emotional state in harmony and a healthy balance is also an aspect of yoga kids could benefit too. So, here are some common yoga poses, postures, and exercises that are child-friendly. It takes less than 15 minutes a day to practice them regularly and feel the effect quite soon.

Updog pose for boosting energy and will

This posture includes kids lying on their bellies. In the next step, place arms next to shoulders and straighten arms. After balancing the body, open the chest, look up and stay in that position for several minutes. The pose releases tension in the back and neck and stretching helps circulation.

Bridge pose for an open mind

It is one of the poses kids just love to try. It’s fun to them, exciting, dynamic and rather useful. Starting position is on the back with knees bent and arms alongside the body. Coordinating breathing with muscle contraction, lift the body into the bridge. Aside from stretching of the back, strengthening arms and legs, this pose is known as heart opener. Physically and emotionally.

Bow pose for tolerance and flexibility

Another pose that starts with laying on a tummy. Simultaneously bending knees and lifting chest backward. The kid should be able to grab his toes and hold it like that for a while. The posture promotes flexibility, referring to back and neck flexibility, as well as to tolerance and emotional flexibility with oneself and others.

Camel Pose, Cat to Cow pose and several others, are also great yoga postures for the youngest. Engage them in these routines and teach them to take care of their health, a physical and mental state in a fun and easy manner.



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