About Me

My name is Alberta Hammer, and I’ve been working as a life coach for almost a decade. Before becoming a certified life coach, I lived a certain lifestyle and struggled with some life obstacles that finally brought me to signing into training for a life coach. I used to have quite of a successful career and a social life with plenty people routinely circling through my everyday life, but at the point when it has all looked perfectly settled, it just didn’t feel right for me.

From the outside, my life looked quite impressive. On the inside, I felt empty, not fulfilled, constantly waiting for the right turn and change. I had to intervene with my current circumstances and make some radical turn. The thing that has changed it all was a certain seminar referring yoga and surfing. I was interested in these activities as in something that could pacify my inner struggling, and it has open a whole new perspective to me.

Yoga and surfing further brought me to the sustainability as my field of interest, and the life coaching emerged as a spontaneous sublimation of all those activities.

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